26 October 2013

Wanted used postage stamps

Can you help ...?
Wanted used postage stamps for philately promotion to kids (stamp collecting offers a world of interest). All kinds, in duplicates, on paper, are welcome.
This is a permanent appeal, so stamps can be sent at any time of the year. Thank you. Ask my gift-offer. Roberto, Italy (roberto88264@yahoo.it)
How do you start collecting postage stamps?
Where to get used stamps from?
It's easy. You can save the stamps from the envelopes & postcards that comes to your place. You can ask your friends and relatives to save the stamps from their mail for you.
The one thing I must ask is if stamps could be left on the envelope and cut off leaving about two cm of paper surrounding the stamp, to prevent damage. Trim the excess from around the stamp, but be careful not to cut the stamp. Never pull the stamps from the paper. Thank you.
Stamp collecting is fun & culture:


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