19 October 2013


Montagnana, a medieval gem of antique splendour.
The fortified city centre remains one of the best preserved and most charming examples of a walled city in Europe
The walls have a circumference of about two km with two gates and 24 towers.
St. Zeno castle, one of the two gates, was erected in 1242 and now hosts the Town Museum. The other gate, Rocca degli Alberi, is a real jewel of military architecture. It was erected in 1360 by the will of Francesco I the Elder of the Da Carrara family.
The narrow porticoed streets of the town lead to the wide Vittorio Emanuele Square, dominated by the Cathedral (works of art by Sansovino and Paolo Veronese inside).
Close to Porta Padova is Villa Pisani a work by Andrea Palladio (1553-1555).

The walls at Montagnana:
St. Zeno castle at Montagnana:
The cathedral at Montagnana:


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