26 October 2013


Art and history wherever you look.
You really enter the heart of Chioggia ... on one hand because you cross St. Mary's Gate and, on the other, because you feel like you're crossing an imaginary boundary - that of time. It's as if you're entering a different, slower, older, more enjoyable world.
The majestic cathedral, the Romanesque-style bell tower that you can see in the distance ... as you walk under the archways, something captures your attention every few steps: St. James' Basilica, Palazzo Granaio and St. Andrew's Church with its bell tower dispaying the oldest tower clock in the world.

Chioggia landscapes:


  1. Italy is a beautiful place. I wish I would be there one time to see the beauty of the country. I saw pictures of my friend who were there and I love the pictures very much as well.

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  3. Beautiful beautiful the country
    Of my dreams, I don't have words

  4. Hi Delia, thanks, welcome, and all the best. Happy to hear from you in Nicaragua. Today I sent you my reply via Facebook page. Take care. Roberto

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