20 October 2013


Este, a town with very remote origins.
The town became one of the most important italian centres after the year 1000 thanks to the presence of the Estensi family, who erected their castle and fortified the town.
The circle of walls was later enlarged by the Da Carrara family and by the Venetians.
The religious heritage of the town is very rich, too.
The cathedral keeps a beautiful painting by Giambattista Tiepolo (1759) and the tomb of Blessed Beatrice d'Este, who died in 1226 when she was only 26 years old. Her beauty and virtue had enchanted many poets, who dedicated their lyrics to her.
The charme of this town attracted poets and artists even in more recent times, as the great romantic english poets Byron and Shelley.
Este is worldwide famous for the production of artistic ceramics.

Intercession by St. Tecla (by Tiepolo) at cathedral:
The castle with public garden at Este:
Ancient building at Este:
The National Museum of Este is one of the most important archaeological museums of northern Italy, and it's located in the beautiful Mocenigo Palace (entrance must be paid, but at low cost):


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