27 October 2013


Monselice, where yesterday awaits.
The impressive Grimani Marcello Cini Castle towers above the city. This building, dating from the 11th century, was enlarged several times and eventually was fully restored by the count Giorgio Cini, who provided it with new furniture and mounted a valuable collection of arms.
In 1278, by command of the emperor Federico II, the existing town walls were extended and the parish church of Santa Giustina was built - the old cathedral, in which the poet Petrarca resided.
With the successive domination by the Republic of Venice, the town continued to be embellished with important monuments, such as the Duodo, Contarini and Nani Villas.
Between 1605 and 1615, the aristocratic Venetian Duodo family commissioned Vincenzo Scamozzi to design and build the sanctuary of the Seven Churches.

Villa Duodo at Monselice:
The medieval castle at Monselice:
Monselice landscape:
Villa Emo at Rivella di Monselice, that recalls the best of Palladian architecture, especially in its imposing front pillars and geometric layout of its extensive italian-style garden:
Veneto map with airports:

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