13 October 2013


Galzignano, the holiday site of the nobles.
The mild climate of the region and the skill of passionate gardeners have left in the area a host of glorious gardens and centuries old parks.
The territory is still scattered with noble villas built by rich families from Padua and Venice who loved the pleasant and fertile Galzignano valleys.
One outstanding example is Villa Barbarigo Pizzoni Ardemani at Valsanzibio, with its historical gardens that are among the most important gardens in Europe. It was re-designed on a grand scale around the middle Seventeenth century by the venetian aristocrat Giovan Francesco Barbarigo. Plenty of water enlivens an extraordinary universe of fountains, cascades, fishponds and brooks. Classical and romantic elements combine harmoniously and constitute a precious patrimony of statues, architectonical decorations, water games, loggias. A famous labyrinth enhances the property (entrance must be paid).

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