13 October 2013

Cinto Euganeo

Cinto Euganeo, where water is "captured".
It is known that the ancient Romans were well versed in the art of conquest and yet they were also skilled in daring, complex engineering works: one of these can be found in the Euganean enclosure (a complex of underground aqueducts). The centre of this network of canals was located in Monte Vendevolo at the foot of which we find the "Buso della Casara" cavity. To supply the area all the way to Este with water, the flow of the Faedo and San Giorgio valley springs were captured and channelled to small natural grottoes.
Another important archaeological find here is "industrial": the Cava Bomba pit complex. The area was transformed from an extraction site into a geopaleontological museum presenting artefacts from the Euganean Hill area (entrance must be paid, but at low cost).

Faedo di Cinto Euganeo landscape:
The Cava Bomba museum at Cinto Euganeo:


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